Improving policy for HIV and TB

Kenya's response to HIV, AIDS , TB and other issues of public health concerns is constrained by insufficient resources to tackle the scale of the epidemic. This, consequently, compromises the country's progress towards the realization of Universal Access targets.

In recognition that these factors can be changed through community-led policy action, KANCO is well placed to inform national policy developments through the work that its member organisations are carrying out across the country as their experiences and views are valuable in policy making processes.

KANCO is committed to using this knowledge and experience to shape national, regional and global policy commitments on HIV, creating a policy and resource environment in which community responses to these issues can thrive.

Strategic Goal

To contribute to an enabling policy environment for the realization of Universal Access targets by 2014


  • To strengthen the capacity of communities to influence national programming and policies on HIV,  AIDs, TB and other public health care concerns
  • To promote participation of CSOs in national governance systems.
  • To advocate for increased funding for  health  for harmonized donor practices and national financing plan
  • To advocate for a supportive legal and policy environment for Universal Access.