Institutional Systems Strengthening (ISS)

To deliver on the strategic plan 2010-2014, KANCO believes that it is important to strengthen its organizational capacity through developing strong policies, governance systems and institutional infrastructure responsive and efficient to the dynamic nature of health issues in Kenya.

KANCO is committed to continuously develop strong financial systems that promote proper internal controls, accuracy and timely reporting for transparency and accountability in line with values that KANCO champions.

KANCO will strengthen her partnership, public fundraising systems, national and regional infrastructure, office space, ICT, vehicles and other equipments to facilitate effective and efficient delivery of services.

Also KANCO recognizes importance of strong communication systems to strengthen its operations through the exchange of information across departments and will strive to strengthen its communication infrastructure.

To promote evidence based programming KANCO will implement a strong M&E framework that generates information for internal learning, improved programming, reporting, and sharing lessons learned and good practice that can be replicated in other contexts.

Strategic Goal

To strengthen the institutional capacity of KANCO to achieve Universal Access targets.


  • To improve the governance and management systems for KANCO
  • To strengthen the capacity of KANCOs secretariat to mobilize and manage resources
  • To improve KANCO's human resource, financial management and monitoring & evaluation systems
  • To strengthen KANCO's staff technical, organizational and operational capacity
  • To establish and strengthen partnership and linkages among KANCO members and key stakeholders