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National Partnership Platform (NPP) Kenya was created to enahnce coordination and collaboration among civil society organizations (CSOs) in Kenya through the development of a common advocacy agenda and the creation of   national dialogue forums aimed at fostering transparency, accountability and  ownership of national HIV,  AIDS,TB , Malaria and other related health issues, policies and programs.


To improve advocacy, partnerships and networking among civil society organizations working   on HIV,  AIDS,TB, Malaria and other health issues
    To enhance communication between civil society and policy makers
    To improve civil society representation in global institutions
    To improve the quality of and access to information
    To expand space for local/community voices in policy dialogue
    To strengthen coordination of activities among civil society

Currently, NPP Kenya is hosted at the KANCO offices situated along Chaka Rd, Off Argwings Kodhek Road in Nairobi, and the Partnership Committee is chaired by the Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF).

For more information about the NPP in Kenya or NPP related activities please click on the links below or email npp@kanco.org.

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