Project title: Promoting CSOs Participation and Integration in Malaria Control and Treatment. 

Funding agency:  Global Fund Round 10 Malaria.

Project Summary

This is a project that has an overall goal to contribute to the 2017 National goal of reducing the morbidity and mortality attributable to malaria in the various epidemiological zones by two thirds of the 2007/08 level.

This project also aims to have 100% of diagnosed malaria patients receiving effective treatment. This is to be achieved through Prompt, effective anti-malarial treatment, Diagnosis and Home based management of malaria

This project further aims to increase knowledge and practices on long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets (LLINs) use and use of malaria diagnosis and treatment services among people in endemic, epidemic prone and seasonal transmission areas to at least 80% by 2016, through mass media and behavior change communication (BCC)  and  community outreach programs.

Other objectives include strengthening Community Systems by increasing the number of established Community Units in the region to scale up proper health seeking behaviors as pertains to Malaria. 

Areas of operation

Bumula, Bungoma South, Bungoma Central and Bungoma West Districts.