• A healthy Kenyan people with secure and sustainable access to HIV, TB and other public health care concerns.


  • To provide leadership, promote collaboration and enhance capacity among CSOs and other stakeholders to respond to HIV/ AIDS , TB, and other public health care concerns in Kenya at the community level

KANCO's Core Values

  • Integrity – We value truthfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency in our internal and external relationships, communication and transactions.
  • Excellence – We value professionalism and timeliness, and seek credibility in all that we do. We are committed to the highest professional standards.
  • Collaboration - We value the collective wisdom that emerges when individuals work together as a team.
  • Innovation - We value and support innovation. We encourage informed risk-taking that holds the promise of enhancing organizational learning.

Core principles

  • Solidarity and collective action in responding to HIV & AIDS and TB and associated impacts.
  • Genuine representation of members' needs without regard to their status, size, or religious, ethnic or political affiliation.
  • Gender mainstreaming in all activities.
  • Active participation and involvement of members, government and other stakeholders.
  • Quality and equitable provision of TB, HIV & AIDS services to communities, through their organisations, as well as other stakeholders.
  • Greater involvement and participation of people living with HIV & AIDS (GIPPA) as well as TB patients

Regional Office